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Personalized Video From BeckBroJack

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How it works

BeckBroJack will create a two/three minute personalized video just for your child. Whether it's a Special Birthday or some other Special Event, this personalized video is an awesome gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. 

You send us some personal information about your child. Name, age, the special event, and anything else that might be helpful for BeckBroJack to include in the video. Maybe include the names of siblings or friends who will be at the showing.


BeckBroJack will take it from there. It will be a clean, wholesome video for your child to enjoy for a long time. You will be so thrilled while you watch your child have this intimate encounter.  Once we receive the order and the information about your child we will email you the video in a shared file. You will receive the video before your special event. (Please give us about a week lead time.... BeckBro has a busy schedule)

Don't forget to include an email for BeckBroJack to send the video and the information about your child on the order page or email us as at BeckBroJackMerch@Gmail.com.

Thanks and please tell your child thanks for being a loyal fan of BeckBroJack!


Here are some reviews from parents who received a personalized video from BeckBroJack... 

"I just want you all to know how much of a HUGE impact this had on Hunter today. I've never seen him express that much happiness before. There were happy tears. Even before bed he kept saying how much he loved it. We will be looking out for meet and greets in 2023 at any cons. Thank you all again! He considers himself a part of the cookie crew and says you are the nicest and best Youtuber ever. That video blew even the PS5 out of the water.  You guys ROCK! THANK YOU! super grateful Mom"

"Thank you. This is awesome and will be sure to put not only a smile but encouragement within my boys."
"Keep doing what you are doing. You're making more of a difference than you probably know. Just keep at your craft and it will reward you 10 times over than you probably are getting right now, can promise you that."
"Doubt you have children, but when you do, having a "person" your child truly admires is priceless and knowing that same person will only put out clean content is truly remarkable. To the point where you could have charged whatever amount you wanted and I would have paid it to make this video, not a joke, could have charged $250 for all I cared. You just make that big of an impact on children to the point that money doesn't matter."

"Do you all have a testimonials section so I can leave glowing feedback for this video/service?  It's going to make our boy's day for sure, so I'd like to spread the word to any hesitant parents out there mulling over the cost."

"We want to extend our gratitude for making this video for Franz, he had a very happy birthday and was very surprised! He watched it a million times already

"Beyond awesome! Brilliant! Can't wait to show this to my son! Many thanks!!"

"You have no idea how much this is appreciated. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"

"This is so incredible, my child is going to flip out when he gets this video. Thank you so much!"

WOW, we can’t thank the BeckBroFamily enough…this is Epic!  Elijah is going to be so very excited to personally hear from BeckBroJack on his birthday!  Thank you for all of your help and for making sure we received the video in time for Elijah’s birthday!  We are incredibly grateful and beyond excited to share this with him!   Thanks again and have a great rest of your day!

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